Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is this the death of the pro lab?

I was stunned when I heard that Art Leather had shut down. The world's most successful wedding album company. Times are changing I guess, and the desire to have a quality leather wedding album had dropped to the point they had to close.

Are the pro labs soon to follow? The pro labs used to provide quality you could only get from a pro lab. Now the one hour lab down the street offers comparable quality for less, and in an hour, and without the $10-12 shipping fees. No more lost orders, 2 week delays, or ordered that get shipped to the wrong studio.

And how many people are getting prints made anyway, many photographers are just selling the CD.  The images get emailed, put on Facebook, or just viewed on a computer.

Unless the pro labs can offer something you can't get down the street they may be doomed.

I suggested to one lab maybe they should start offering Fine Art quality photos on luxury papers, but I got no response.

Time will tell.

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