Sunday, August 9, 2015

Swamped? You Must Be Doing Something Wrong.

I was talking to another professional photographer last month, she said she "was swamped with work". My immediate thought was wow she must be doing something wrong.

The idea that you are stressed by getting too much work, kind of spoiled the whole "do what you love" philosophy.

I am happy to say I work exactly as much as I want to. And I enjoy a nice balanced stress free life.

Based on the quality of your work and your level of service the buying public knows to the dollar how much you should be charging. Assuming you don't want to be working seven days a week or one day a week, if you are "swamped" you need to really consider raising your prices. If business is slow, your prices are probably too high for the quality of work you are doing compared to your competition. The obvious two choices are: get better, or lower your prices to increase sales volume.

Do you want to be run off your feet with work, probably not. Do you want to be just scraping by, probably not.

For me it's all about finding your balance, deciding how much you want to work, how much time you want to spend at the park, with the family, with friends, going to lunch or pursuing other favorite activities.

Remember the whole point of working for yourself is freedom. You decide how much you want to work, how much money to make and how many days off and how many holidays you will take.

When I was younger every weekend was spent doing weddings, evenings talking to clients, daytime assembling orders. It cost me a lot of family time and social opportunities. In this business trying to "do it all" is not the wisest move.

When it comes to pricing, always be testing different prices and packaging. Taking the easy way out and copying another photographers prices is usually a disaster. Their needs, their expenses or their goals will be different than yours.

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