Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Love This Square Gizmo

I love this little gizmo. No paperwork on my part. It automatically sends the receipt to your client, after you swipe their card, it collects the sales tax then sends all the info to Quickbooks. So I do nothing and the money gets in to my account much faster too. 

I've been testing it for over a month now and is great for collecting payments on location shoots. The percentage is higher (about 0.5%) but I no longer pay the $30/month I was to the bank for the use of their credit card reader.

A real win. They offer you a deal if you sign up through a referral, I didn't get it because I signed up direct through the website listed on their TV commercial.

Here is the secret website. When you activate a Square account through this link, you can process up to $1,000 in credit card sales for free during their first 180 days.

Photographers/business people This is a great little device that lets you accept credit cards anywhere. We use it at the park or when doing location/home portraits. Free reader, no monthly fee


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