Sunday, August 12, 2018


Over the last couple of months three people have asked if I was retired or planning to retire. I think that's a great idea and I look forward to retiring. Finally, no need to work, time to do what I want, time to enjoy my life. I could do what I want, pursue a hobby maybe.

I know exactly what I would do, finally commit to what I love to do. I'd get my favorite camera, go out and take photos, meeting interesting people everyday. All day long and everyday. You know, like I do now.

I think people with real jobs especially jobs they don't like look forward to retirement. Sorry three people, I'm living the dream now and no intention of stopping. Getting paid to do what I love. Retirement would be exactly the same but without a paycheck.

Every so often I meet or read about someone that will work until the day they die. That's because to them it's not work it's play time.

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