Thursday, November 29, 2018

Light Meter Accuracy vs Cost

My old light meter (Middle) has served me well for 10 or 15 years but is dying quickly. I think I paid $229 for it. 

It has been my back up meter to my main studio light meter (Left $599) for a year or so. I keep it in my bag for location shoots. It has started giving me weird error messages so I replaced it with my new back up meter (Right $349)

They are all made by Sekonic, the standard name in light meters. My old meter (Middle $229) is well made and came with a lined soft leather case. The other two newer meters are cheaply made, smaller domes, and come with a real cheap plastic case.

They all come with basic functions but the only functions I use are a setting for flash, and a setting for available light.

But here's the important part of this... look at the light readings all 1/125 sec. at f2.0. All the same exact readings.  So my feeling is why $599 for a meter when the cheaper meters are just as accurate.  Easy, the $599 meter gives you a choice of gray, blue or pink screen colours. So worth it right? This industry is so stupid. I bet if these were made for any industry other than photography you cold buy them at Best Buy for $69.   

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