Monday, October 7, 2019

Newest Addition to our Portable Portrait Studio Kit

Each year my portable portrait studio case gets heavier and heavier. It's mainly from following the old boy scouts advice to "Be Prepared" I tend to add things to solve small problems that come up with doing headshots on location.

The latest addition is "Blot It" blotting paper from Sephora. It's tucked in with a couple of spare ties and a few other things designed to save the day.

As you can imagine, fixing a problem on the spot is less time consuming than fixing it in Photoshop later.

This has been an odd summer in Ottawa weather wise, humidity has been high and the need to blot the shine off foreheads seems to be happening much more often.

Up to this point removing shine has worked with some success just using a tissue. But it takes a few attempts and is seldom 100%. So we have added blotting paper to out location kit.

I would love to hear a few suggestions on other useful things to include. Lip gloss was suggested but it would have to be one time use (non-shareable) items for obvious reasons.

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