Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Fixing Collar Gaps With Liquify Tool

Photographers are always learning.

Sometimes with headshots the jacket is to large you get that gap between the shirt collar and jacket. I don't always catch it during the shoot and have to fix it later. I use Photoshop and cut and paste the jacket, then use the Transform/Warp tool to warp it back into shape. But just couldn't get it to work for me this time.

So I gave it a try with the Liquify tool and just "pushed" the collar of the jacket in, only took about 5 seconds.  I have been using the Liquify tool to fix unwanted bulges, like "muffin tops" or necks that hang our over too tight collars.
Using the liquify tool seems much faster than my old technique. Got to love Photoshop.

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