Thursday, February 19, 2009

I think I screwed up.

I was reading about the resurgence of vinyl records, yup making a comeback. Not as you would suspect with the audiophiles but with the 20-30 some-things.

CD’s of course killed the sales of Vinyl, now downloaded MP3’s are killing CD sales… and now vinyl is on the rise. Funny eh?

So I wonder if I screwed up big time selling off all my pro 6x7 film camera equipment on eBay when I decided to go fully digital.

In retrospect, I think if I was still shooting film I would be an apple among the 4 billion oranges out there. A big fish in a very small pond… and that’s what marketing is all about. I’m such an idiot!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Digerati R Us

Definition of Digerati: People who are knowledgeable about digital technologies such as computer programming and design.

I wonder with our new skill sets if we are now more Digerati than just Photographers.
Maybe I need to update my business card.

Eerie Coincidence?

With digital technology being the death or at least crippling of so many photo studios is it a coincidence that the letters in DIGITAL CAMERA rearrange to form DIE MAGICAL ART.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bottled Water

I just saw another article about bottled water, claiming once again that bottled water is no better for you than regular water, but people are spending a billion dollars a year for what they can get for free.

What writers don't realize is that you are not paying for the water, water is available free all over.
But you can't just fill your pockets from your tap and carry it around until you're thirsty.
Nor would many people enjoy drinking from a public water fountain with the gum, spit and backwash.

People are paying for security and portability.

A good lesson for photographers, what are people really paying you for?

Still looking for mats

What's the deal with folders? With all the progress in photography why is it that the only inexpensive option to present our photos in is folders? Basically the same style and colours they have been using since about 1932. Same tacky embossing, same paper stock, many with the same serrated edges my great grandparents photos are in.

For years I have been looking for plain mats, the same ones you would see on every "art print" in any gallery in the world. Simple and cheap, a 5x7 opening in an 8x10 mat, available in white and black. Cheaper to produce than a folder, it would present our photographs as "art".

The folders companies are complaining about poor sales, yet keep trying to sell folders that have been unchanged for decades.

My response to Bruce Hudson

I just received an invitation to a webinar on producing studio newsletters from Bruce Hudson (my buddy of about 20+ years.) and his son Josh.
The Subject line read: Is Business Slow? Try a Newsletter! Let Bruce Show you EXACTLY how to Write one!

I had to respond:
No way Dude!! It should read; Is Business Slow? Try a Newsletter! Let ROBIN Show you EXACTLY how to Write one!
My eNewsletter is way better than yours...

I have Angel our "Official Greeter and Mascot" (OK yes I stole that idea from your "Retouch the Cat")

I have "Squeaky the Duck" our lovable and little goofy guy (OK yes I stole that idea from you, you have Josh)

I have "Photowalks" (OK yes I stole that idea from you, you have the in studio lessons for your clients)
I have "Pet Fest" with donations going to the Humane Society (OK yes I stole that idea from you)

I have "Time to update your Business Portrait" (OK yes I stole that idea from you too)
I also have a Blog "Insane Ramblings of a Rogue Master Photographer" but it hasn't gone live yet.

Jeez, I'm not looking too good here... But my color scheme is different! That's it!... Woo Hoo!!... I am Creative, and not just ripping off Bruce Hudson.
I feel better now.

Ask me... go ahead and ask me if I think I am getting my money's worth from My Monthly Mentor... just ask me.

Robin Spencer
Head of the R and D department
(In my case Rip-Off and Duplicate"

Histograms Smistograms

I got a call from an older photographer the other day. This guy loves photography and been to every seminar and convention in North America for years. Nice guy.
Always has the latest equipment. But confessed to me that he just can't get this digital thing, histograms.. colour spaces, Photoshop etc.
Just not happy with the results.

Then last night I was talking to a lady photographer, a really good photographer, nicest person you would ever meet.

She tells me she shoots jpeg. I asked her if she was shooting sRGB or Adobe 1998, and what white balance she was shooting.
She had no idea what I was talking about, never heard of sRGB or Adobe 1998, "Auto, white balance I think".
"I'm not good with the tech stuff" she said.
Don't get me wrong, she is a great photographer, "The lab tweaks it for me" she says.

It all just struck me as funny the two extremes dealing with digital. One obsessed with the tech stuff, one just shoots using the camera settings right out of the box.

Sorry to say I identified with the older guy's frustration and was inspired by the lady’s "I'm not good with the tech stuff" attitude.

Love the obvious cliche's: Can't teach an old dog new tricks and womens "not good with the tech stuff". Love it!

Probably explains why my kids point and shoot digital photos always come out looking perfect, with no adjustments, no overrides, no histograms, no Adobe 1998 – sRGB controversy and taken to Costco for printing.