Monday, April 27, 2009

Artists? Us?

Saturday I was asked to judge the photographic entries at the Orchid Society of Ottawa's show. The photos were grouped in with the oil paintings, watercolors and sculptures of Orchids. The lady judging the sculptures showed me some that she said had taken months to complete. It was the same with the paintings, days or weeks to complete.
Our photographs... 1/125 of a second.

Yes, I realize it is more complex than that. But as I looked at the other "art" I couldn't help but think that we photographers have a lot more to learn if we want to call ourselves "artists".

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Idiot in Florida

I just got off the phone from a "new photographer" from Florida. Just started into this business and his wife decided my portrait price list was the best one to copy.
He noticed the pdf file was password protected and asked me to send him the original unprotected pdf file so he "wouldn't have to spend hours retyping my descriptions etc."
He seemed surprised when I said No.

Too lazy to figure out his own prices, too lazy to retype mine. Yup, he's going far in this business.

Students are idiots too

I got a phone call today from a photography student looking for "a summer... know, job.. ugh... employment".

I told him I wasn't hiring, try Photolux.
"Photolux?" he said "Yes, Photolux" I said.
"Ugh.. do you have their phone number?"

Too lazy to look up the number himself I guess. Maybe he should move to Florida.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wedding Bookings Down?

Many studios are complaining they are not booking enough weddings. The funny thing is that the marketplace is a great judge of the desirability of your product in comparison to the price you are asking.

I am not suggesting that their wedding photography is not good. I am saying that the "marketplace" is not willing to pay what you are asking for what you are offering.

Either make your product more unique, or adjust the quality/price ratio.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Key Rap

I am almost lost for words. My wife and I, along with our daughters and their boyfriends attended a bridal fair here in Ottawa today. As you would imagine my interest was the other "wedding photographers". Yes, there were a couple of really good ones there like Photolux and Jerome Scullino. But most of the others were displaying sample photos that were nothing short of brutal.

Has "professional wedding photography" come to this I wondered. Photographs that were not even up to good amateur standards, then very poorly printed, flat and off colour.

This has to hurt the whole industry.