Saturday, May 16, 2009

CS4 Upgrade

Well I finally upgraded to CS4 yesterday and got a great deal $159.20 from Adobe (Thank you NAPP for the discount code). Saved another $20 on shipping because it was a download.

I always forget what a pain "upgrades" are. Yes new features, bugs fixed, faster. BUT I always forget about having to shut down the studio for a few hours while I convert this, install that, try to find my unlock code on the email that arrives 4 hours after my download, call the support line, try to find my English-Hindi Dictionary. OK truth is that both of the support people I talked to did speak reasonable English. But my problem was with installing the "Goodies" download. Goodies are all the features I loved in CS3 that were dropped from CS4.
At one point I was ready to punch the computer screen.
But it's all up and running smoothly now.
Now I just need to get used to the new screen layout, strange new buttons and new menus.

All Inspired

I was watching a DVD of another photographer doing a studio shoot. I love that stuff. They always seem to drop something small in passing that makes my day, some little tidbit about a technique or sales tip, or a joke I can steal.

Oh sure they talk lighting and posing but I've seen that a million times. Same old - Same old.

But today after watching the newest DVD I got all inspired to simplify my lighting (theirs was not simple). On location I always just bring white umbrellas and I'm always amazed by the lighting they give. I confess I am seldom thrilled by softboxes, yet use them in the studio "because everyone else is doing it". This morning I replaced my 36X48" softbox with a 42" white umbrella (US$16?). And in a small studio like mine, do I even need a fill light? On location in a brides home, executives office or a board room my 42" white umbrella seems to give me great directional light with enough bounce off the ceiling and walls for a perfect fill ratio.

So with this rainy weekend I will do some studio test shots with this new simple lighting.