Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Breaking News... There is no resession!

The recession in the USA must be a total hoax. American businesses must be doing very very well.

This is based on the fact that I recently called three companies that have huge ads in Photoshop User Magazine (one had a two page ad) and 2 companies didn't answer their phone after it rang for over a minute. The third company put me on hold so long I just hung up. Nice to see they are sooo busy that they can ignore the most basic rule of customer service, answer the phone before the 3rd ring.

Then I tried to order some custom printed Gift Cards from Marathon Press, had my Visa card in hand. BUT unlike every on-line ordering system in the world, you can't open and account and just log on, place your order and pay them. You have to phone them, tell them you want to order on-line, they will give you your user ID and Password "within 24-48 hours". Obviously in no hurry to get my order or my money. Nor do they accept PayPal, the world's largest on-line secure payment system.

They did send me my user ID and password and both are unchangeable, the password is so obscure that it is impossible to remember and I have to look it up each time.

Nice to see they are sooo busy that they can ignore the second and third rule of customer service, make it easy for people to deal with you, and make it easy for people to pay you.