Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stupid Nikon!!!

I was watching an instructional video and the photographer had on the coolest thing, a Nikon Hand Strap AH-4.
Genuine black leather (Cool), said Nikon on it (Cool) and appeared to give a secure, stable, one handed operation (also Cool). But in all honesty it was the look and feel of being in a Clint Eastwood western that sold me. 
So I spent the US$79 (truth is CAN$59 on eBay) and it arrived yesterday and was everything I hoped for.

One problem, my hands are large and this Nikon Hand Strap AH-4 barely fit. It's OK when I reposition it and readjust it but if Nikon would have spent 1 more cent and made the strap 1/2" longer it would be a million times better. Stupid Nikon.
What can I say besides "Do you feel lucky punk? well do ya?"

Male Photographers, are we Doomed?

I had coffee with a couple of female photographers the other day. Both telling me how great business is, it keeps them and their employee(s) very busy but they will have to hire on an additional employee to deal with the summer wedding rush.

Their work is OK, prices are not cheap, nor outrageous.

When I talk to my male photographer friends, most say wedding bookings are crap or none at all. This includes me.

Just wondering. With this influx of female photographers over the last few years, and the fact that 80%+ of our customers are female......

Having a wife and two daughters I know that women feel much more comfortable dealing with other women and that women are much more supportive of other women and businesses run by women.
In fact all three switched from our long time friend and family doctor to women doctors.

Of course having people like Oprah constantly telling women that all men are potential rapists, evil, wife beaters etc. doesn't help.

I've noticed over the years that usually Jewish clients usually prefer to deal with Jewish photographers, Greek with Greek, Italian with Italian, Chinese with Chinese, etc. You only need to view other photographers websites to see this is true by looking at the sample photos.
Hey I understand, similar language, customs, and expectations.

I have received several calls lately from Asians (both from India and China) who were amazed I didn't have a supply of wedding dresses and traditional Asian clothes to wear for their portraits. Maybe in Asia photographers supply clothes to wear for studio weddings. I guess they will phone around and find a local Asian photographer who understands this and know how to deal with it.

I'm just wondering if it might be wise to hire a female photographer for weddings, they can deal with the clients, set up groups and you guys can just set up the camera and push the button. Might work.