Saturday, July 31, 2010

The 810863

I have been looking for a secure way to attach my Norman 400B flash's battery pack to a light-stand for outdoor portraits. I tried to make a few things but nothing worked well, and the huge cluncky thing would swing and sway and annoy me whenever I moved the stand. But I figured having it attached low on a light-stand would keep it from blowing over on a windy day.

So I finally figured I would bite the bullet and pay the US$78 for the Norman 810863 Quick Release Stand Mount Plate. Crazy overpriced I thought, well it works perfect and was worth every cent. 

My only problem, there were no instructions on how to attach it. I guess it was designed to accommodate several types of battery packs, lots of holes, lots of "extra" screws.
I had to call Norman to see if I had installed it right, I had it upside down... duh.

Are we "poor"?

Last week I was doing what is sometimes referred to as a "Go See". Checking someones home/yard for lighting, space etc. a week before their home portrait. I noticed lots of portraits around the house, then a series of 16x20's and 20x24's. I looked at the signature and recognized the photographer. I commented on the nice portraits, the lady told me the name of the photographer (I knew the name well, good photographer who closed his doors). She said "He was a good photographer, but he's not in business anymore. I guess he was (voice trailing off) tired of being poor.

Yikes, I thought. Is this her impression of photographers, or everyones opinion?
Probably not far off from the truth now a days.