Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Lesson I Learned at the Framers Today

I recently an incredible honour that included a nice certificate and medal, something that I will always treasure. So I decided to get framed and took it to the wholesale framer I had been using for about 30 years. I showed them the certificate and medal and a photo of the kind of frame/matting I had in mind.

I was handed some mat samples and that was it. No advice, no help, no nothing. I was clearly in over my head. Double mats, shadow boxes, double opening were just not something I was able to figure out  myself.

So I packed up my stuff and drove to the framer my mother has been using for 25+ years. I was willing to pay full price for professional advice. I got here and went through the same routine of showing them my stuff and my "can you do something like this" photo.

Well she started studying everything, matching colours, matching styles and textures. It was a delight watching her work. Out of the thousands of frame samples they had, she walked over and picked the one that was the same colour and edging as my medal.

As you can imagine I ended up paying much more than I had estimated it would cost me at the wholesaler... about three or four times more.  But it was so worth it to get an end product that I knew I would love.

This frame will be on my wall for years and will be on display at my funeral when the time comes.

This is all making me rethink my selection of frames in our studio. Offering inexpensive frames to your clients may not be doing them a favour after all.


For the first time today I went into Vistek (Ottawa) nice. Service was great, nice big bright store and they had what I wanted. Henry's, my regular place to go when I need something local, didn't have what I wanted but tried to sell me something "that would probably work just as well".

Glad I went into Vistek today, saved $3 too.