Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Best Wedding Booking Idea Ever

This idea came to me yesterday, brilliant I tell you... brilliant. The majority of wedding photographers are struggling booking enough weddings to make the business worth their while. Then they spend the rest of the year complaining and worrying about their small number of wedding bookings.

So here's my plan. Only accept weddings bookings on one day of the year, I'm thinking January 15th. That's right, tell every wedding inquiry during 2012 "Sorry I only book weddings on January 15th 2013, please come back then."

With any luck brides will be lined up, even if it is a small line, might even make the six o'clock NEWS LOL. No price negotiations, they have had months to see your samples and compare prices.  So on January 15th they just book their 2013 date and put down their first deposit. 

I think this is a great idea for several reasons. 
- by January 16th, all of your weddings are booked. No point worrying about booking anymore.

- it frees up all of your other Saturdays to book family reunions, run portrait specials or book a holiday weekend for you and your family.

- it frees up many hours doing wedding consultations only to have them book down the street to save $50. No more wedding consultations, they see your quality, style and artistry on-line. That's what your web gallery is for.

- January 15th is a booking day, no more "Well I have to think about it", "I have one more photographer to see" , No more "Well can you tentatively pencil me in?". Brides know if they want to book you it's now or never. The pressure is on them instead of you to book the wedding TODAY.

- January 15th deposit, second payment on February 15th, final payment March 15th. Your entire first quarter cash flow is taken care of. Celebrate... go south and spend a winter week on the beach.

- It leaves you in charge of your wedding business, no more scrambling for scraps and last minute weddings.

No Gut's No Glory!

Word of warning: Once you commit to this idea you have to stick with the plan of your credibility is shot.

Seriously. With wedding bookings being what they are what have you got to lose?