Thursday, June 11, 2015

Camera Recalls? Nope.

Funny how the camera industry works. If you buy a car or a kitchen appliance and there are problems with the design, parts or manufacturing they issue a recall and fix or replace it.

Years ago I bought a Nikon D70 and almost immediately Nikon came out with the Nikon D70S. The sales pitch? "The Nikon D70S fixed all the problems we had with the Nikon D70".

Wow that's great. So what about the D70 I just paid $1300 for? No recall, no offer from Nikon to replace the camera. Also no resale value on the D70 since Nikon made the official announcement "the D70 had multiple problems".  You're just out the $1300 there bub.

Fujifilm did the same thing with the Fuji X100 and almost immediately came out with the new and improved X100S. With banners waving and yelling from the mountain top. "We listened to the photographers and made improvement on the new X100S to fix all the problems with the X100".
Trying to make themselves look compassionate and caring. But no mention of any recalls or replacements for us lowly X100 owners who basically paid $1300 to "test" the new design and features for Fuji. Then after discovering the problems and glitches were left high and dry with no offer of replacement. 

Happy to report that in both cases I ended up with a D70 and X100 that worked fine, no problems, no "banding" just some design flaws that were a little annoying but I could work around.

You would think if huge companies like Nikon, Fujifilm and the rest had any real ethics they would have at least offered a trade in deal.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FREE Lightroom presets

HEY PHOTOGRAPHERS On1 has some FREE Lightroom presets. I have used some of them and some are really good.

Photography. It's Not About The Camera

It took me 35 years in this business to realize that the art of photography has little to do with the camera.

Nikon, Canon or whatever you have doesn't really matter.

Learning to see, finding a creative angle, making people comfortable and "genuine" has much more to do with it than the right camera or the right lens. The subject and the way you portray it or them is the part that makes you a "Photographer".

Happy 35th Birthday to Us

Yup, hard to believe it has been 35 years since I started this business, seems like only yesterday.... OK seems like a decade ago that I lost my job in a small high tech start up and decided to do photography part time until I got a "real job."

I started this blog a few years ago and am embarrassed to see how long it has been since I posted. Well I figure with this milestone of 35 years, the number alone showing success and dedication that I had something to offer other studios, photographers, and small businesses. And of course people who just seem to enjoy my offbeat sense of humour, my sarcasm and some possible insights to this profession.

So let's do it.