Monday, July 27, 2015

Beware False Prophets

Robin Spencer's Studio Survival Tips

After celebrating 35 years in the portrait wedding photography business and getting real close to my 60th birthday I figured I would slow down, do more traveling and write a book (not photography related). I would also offer some business/idea consulting to some of the new professional photographers out there.

It drives me crazy to see some of the new self proclaimed gurus out there, people with little experience, no real track record and no credentials giving advice to new professionals that is just plain wrong.  

The plan was to put together my list of 16 Studio Survival Tips. The number sixteen was a totally random number, but sounded about right, a starting point.   Well I started writing and somehow ended up with over 47 essentials for staying alive in this business.

I have added a webpage and started creating a new website just for consulting.   My list of 16 or the full 47+ tips will be available soon as a downloadable PDF. Stay tuned.