Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The seven fat cows, seven thin cows... and one photographer

I went to Rotary lunch yesterday and Eva (one of my favorite people) asked me how business was. I laughed and said it was surprisingly really very good for a March. Every March since 1980 has been a struggle for me. Too early for summer business and all the money I made from Christmas has been spent. The first quarter for most photographers is usually tough.

This is the first March I can remember when there is a good bank balance.

I told her "now my problem is that when I see extra money in my account my mind turns to all the cool camera stuff I could buy." She asked me if I remembered the old bible story about the seven fat cows, and the seven thin cows. It has been over fifty years since my Sunday school days so I confessed I didn't remember it. She retold the story and made her point, she always does. Wise advice from a wise friend.

I will leave the money alone for a rainy day.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Friend In Need

Long day today and i'm still fighting a cold. Two long shoots today, two proof sets to sort and upload to the web. Three orders to get out.

Finally I think I'm done work for the day and there's a knock at the door. Some guy from the Philippines needs immigration photos 1" X 1 3/8" . "Costco can't print them they're too small" he says. "The smallest they print is 4x6, can you print them?" (I hate when people just show up without an appointment)

I tried to explain to him that I use a pro lab out west and don't print anything here. But I invited him in. He gave me his USB stick and I loaded his photos up into Photoshop, sized them to 1" X 1 3/8", sharpened them and saved the 4 of them so they they would all print on one 4x6 that he could take back to Costco and order one 4x6 print.

I explained that they would be the right size but he would have to trim them down himself. He ask me how much he owed me, I laughed and said no charge. He was lost for words. I was tired but now I feel good, earning good karma gives you energy :-)

Instant Black Background

I did a head-shot for a client on Monday. Only the second time in 35 years someone requested a black background. It was a last minute booking and I didn't have time to run out and buy one.

Then an idea came to me and I grabbed one of our black graduation gowns, turned it inside out and clipped it upside down over my gray background. Just big enough to be perfect for a head-shot.
World famous, world traveling master photographers never disappoint a client :-)