Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our Ontario Portrait Studio's New Watermark

Our New Watermark For Our Ottawa Ontario Portrait Studio 

I really like the way this turned out. As you may have noticed our Ottawa Ontario Portrait Studio has been tweeting some of our professional headshots and other types of business photos. I was using a little ©Robin Spencer dropped in along the bottom of the image in a basic gray font using Lightroom but I always thought it looked too plain. (see below)

Our Previous Watermark

Then just after Christmas I was sent an email offering to do a new watermark for me, a Boxing Day sale price of only $40. They claimed the regular price was $100.

Their samples looked great, the reviews were also great so I took a change and had them do a new watermark for me.

Here in Ontario, most people at least in the Ottawa area (including Nepean, Kanata, Orleans and Manotick) know us as Spencer Studio so I added the word Ottawa because I have discovered that there are other Spencer Studios out there mostly in USA.

I wasn't happy with the first watermark and they offered to redo it, it was the "S" I didn't like.
They sent me a second attempt with a new "S". I was now second guessing if the new or original "S" was better.

Through social media I sent out the before/after samples asking people what they thought.

Well everyone with the exception of one person preferred the "no loop". 

I'm happy to say we are using the new watermark on all of our tweeted business images etc.
I am thinking of changing the logo on my card and website etc. to this new logo. 

We opened our Ottawa portrait studio back in 1980, the old logo has been used for decades so updating it to this new signature looking logo with the word Ottawa under it has a more modern look. 

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Photographer - Ottawa Business Photos - Corporate Headshots 2018 Video

Ottawa Business Photos - Corporate Headshots 2018 Video

I put together this Ottawa Business Photos - Corporate Headshots 2018 Video to show off some of our professional headshots. Most of these clients are from Ottawa or the surrounding areas of Nepean, Orleans, Kanata and even Manotick.

We offer complete photography services and can photograph clients in our photo studio or at their location.

It was fun putting together this short video, it's kind of an update from our studio's old one but with updated portraits and music. I laughed when someone described it as "Urban Chic" to be honest I'm not sure if that was a compliment or they were being sarcastic. 

Like the video suggests our business photos, corporate headshots and professional headshots appear all over and in a lot of places. Both in print and in digital form. One of the most popular uses is as a LinkedIn profile photo.

In fact we get so many requests for LinkedIn profile photos that weven have a special LinkedIn package. Shot and cropped and sized specifically for LinkedIn.

I have always enjoyed doing business photos, corporate headshots and professional headshots and have been photographing them here in Ottawa since 1980. I enjoy talking to the clients about how they got their start, where they are from, and what they are doing now. They are usually a very positive group and fun to photograph.

I hope you enjoy the video.