Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wednesday Working Breakfast. My most productive idea generating hour of the week.

Every Wednesday morning on the way home from the chiropractor I stop in someplace for breakfast. I get away from the TV, email and the computer and just plan and review and rethink everything. Just me and my notebook (remind me to tell you about the Rocketbook sometime). It's  like New Years Day complete with resolutions, brainstorming, and a boot camp for your brain all rolled in to one hour. Creativity and new ideas arrive sunny side up like my eggs, scrambled eggs sends a totally different message.   

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Nachos and Networking

I wish I had joined Rotary when I was younger, just a great bunch of people.

They are trying something new in Ottawa a "Rotary on the Patio" event. Very casual, no official meeting. A great time to socialize with members of various local clubs.

Monday night at The Royal Oak Pub, an eclectic group of about 15 maybe 18 all tops in their various fields. A lot of laughs, a few business cards passed around and new friends made.

With the constant bombardment of social media it is so nice to network with real people.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Idiot, I Can't Believe I Did That

Wednesday morning, a client is on the way to the studio and I'm not paying attention to what I am doing when I put a SD media card in my camera. 

It didn't go all the way in so like an idiot I shoved it in. Then it occurred to me I had put it in backwards and it was now stuck. Really stuck. In a panic now As you can image damaging your camera creates delays and is insainley costly.

I took a pair of pliers and tried to pull it out. It worked. Relieved now  but my heart was still racing. Wondering if it might be wise to buy a portable defibrillator for the studio :-)

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Location Headshots of 28 People

A real pleasure yesterday photographing Gina and the staff of the Ottawa Rotary Home. Twenty eight of the most wonderful and caring people you could ever meet. 

A very simple set up using a nice corner of the lobby and a large 60" white (convertible) umbrella for lighting. The custom white balance was not very helpful, lucky I double checked with a WhitBal card and exposure was f1.6 @ 1/60 for you photo geeks. Yup, tripod for me. I am getting less enchanted with the Expo Disc for white balancing. Of course mixed lighting when you have to deal with overhead spots is annoying.

My original plan was too shoot everyone under the covered entrance, nice shade and a great background. But then the sun came out and it was too contrasty.

We photographed all 28 people in about 90 minutes, from set up to take down.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Photos for Heart Shaped Lockets

I got a phone call from a man on Friday asking if I knew how to size a photo for a locket. I did. In fact I have done a few and sort of have a system for it.

He went on to explain that a young woman had recently lost her baby at birth. He had a few photos of the mother and baby taken in the hospital and his idea was he would like to put these photos in a locket he had purchased, hoping to give it to the mother the next day at the funeral. He was having a very frustrating time trying to size the photos to fit in to the locket.

I told him I would be happy to help, keep in mind that I have done this several times before but always had the locket in front of me. But this would all be handled over the phone and by email. To make matters worse this was a heart shaped locket, those are a nightmare to work with. There is no continuity between lockets, they are all different sizes and different length to width ratios and heart shapes were the worst.

In the past I would resize the images in Photoshop, then take or send to images to a one hour lab. Then pick up the print, trim the little photos to fit. But there was no time for this. The finished files would have to be emailed to him so he could print them on his desktop printer in order to be ready in time for the funeral.

He emailed me the photos and the dimensions of the locket. I did up some resized photos but because I didn't have the locket in front of me I had to ballpark it. He emailed me back to say they were a little large when being trimmed to size to fit inside the heart shape.

My second attempt seem to have nailed it. He was very happy and offered to pay me for my time. But I could never charge for a job like that, the photos were heartbreaking and it was such a sad story I just wanted to help.

He sent me a beautifully worded thank you email, that he rewrote and posted in a Spencer Studio review. It was probably the hardest job I have done in years, emotionally. And I thank my lucky stars that I have never had to experience what his family had been through.