Sunday, December 30, 2018

NEW: Studio Strip Light

You have to love the great sales around Christmas time. When this Strip Light with Grid combo deal from B&H popped up on my smartphone, I bit the bullet and ordered it. (More accurately I bit the wedge of pineapple hanging from the edge of my frosty ice tea while sitting poolside in Panama.)

A srip light does just that, adding a small strip of light precisely where you want it. In this case I use it as an accent light (45 degrees behind the subject, opposite from the main light.)

Here at The World Famous Spencer Studio I have been trying many options as an accent light like a simple Yongnuo with and without a diffuser, a small umbrella, a small soft box but nothing seemed perfect because of the spill onto the background.

As the owls say, any hoot, I'm very happy with my test results so far. Also happy that it plugs right into my studio light controller because I hate having to run from light to light adjusting them.

Meeting Ali in Panama

I love traveling and photography for the same reason. People.

I met Ali in Panama, a recent refugee from Nicaragua, arriving in Panama with his wife and two small children and only the clothes on their backs. Ali is very well educated, speaks english fluently and was an engineer in Nicaragua. He now works for $20 a day and tips as a doorman at this Sheraton resort.  Starting his life over.

A very interesting and smart man, and surprisingly optimistic. I always looked forward to our talks.

(FujiX100 f2.0 1/125 available light, for you photo geeks)

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Friday, December 7, 2018

New Location For Rotary Club of Ottawa Lunches

Hey our first Rotary Club of Ottawa meeting in our new location. I like it, clean, bright, very modern and trendy (I'm all about trendy).

The Impact Hub of Ottawa, downtown on Slater Street. I think I'm going to like it here. It's a really interesting place sort of a co-op for business people. Large communal space, plus smaller rooms for working or meetings.

I took the bus downtown for the meeting and it was nice not to have to deal with all the downtown traffic and construction and trying to find a parking spot.

The Rotary Club of Ottawa is one of the oldest service clubs in Canada (1916) we are big on community service and international humanitarian projects and of course networking.

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