Thursday, January 31, 2019

Green Screen/Extractions Floating Images

Nobody seems to know what to call these types of images. People often ask for a "floating image", an "Image with no box" or "a photo with no background" I know what they mean but there doesn't seem to be a layman's term for them. Sorry not even sure there is a common professional term for them. But we see them everyday.

​An image that just seems to be cut out (extracted) and dropped into different scenes or backgrounds. They are supplied with no background, well actually there is sort of a background made of light and dark gray squares like a checkerboard that will really only show up in programs like Photoshop.

 Where are they needed.
They are used on websites where you want to see the web page behind you, or on a business card when you want to look like you are part of the card instead of a photo stuck to it. (See samples)

We often use them to drop someone in front of a scene, realtors in front of a nice home, lawyers in front of the Supreme Court or financial planners in front of the stock exchange. 

How Can We Help?
For the person that wants a "floating no background" image, we simply do the shoot, you give your best Hollywood smiles, then you pick the best expression, we retouch it so you look spectacular and then we save it as a PNG file and email it to you. The same file can be used for your website or business cards.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

CMP, Always a Fun Awards Gala

It's always a pleasure photographing the Canadian Mineral Processors Awards Gala. A yearly event for me, I am always so surprised how many attendees remember my name year after year.

Certainly worth fighting my way there through a horrible snow storm and freezing rain to get there this year.

Of all the galas and award events I photograph every year it is safe to say that the CMP are the friendliest and most fun.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

9 Tips on "What to Wear For Business Photos"

We can suggest slimming poses, and our professional retouchers can help with blemishes, lines, wrinkles, yellow teeth or double chins etc. But here are a few suggestions that you can do to really improve your final professional images. We have taken our nine top tips from our "What To Wear For Your Business Photo and Corporate Headshots" downloadable tip sheet. It is full of suggestions and advice.

1: When in doubt about what to wear, a slightly conservative look is best
2: Keep jewelry simple
3: Wearing Green sends a "Don't Trust Me" message
4: Wearing Purple sends a "Cheap Image" message (Eggplant is OK)
5: Wearing Brown sends an "Unsophisticated" message
6: Wearing Black or Navy sends a "Successful and Trust Worthy" message
7: Wear lipstick or lip balm to avoid dry chapped lips

8: To appear slimmer do: wear solid dark colours that fit properly
9: To look slimmer avoid: short sleeves, bold patterns, plaids, shiny fabrics, heavy fabrics and large areas of white or pastels.

More ideas here:

Headshots, but different.

I love this sort of photo session, something a little different than our usual business headshot.

The client wanted a few shots for some vintage clothes she was selling.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Lots of Room for My Portable Studio

It was so nice to be able to set up my portable headshot studio in a location with some elbow room. Thanks CFN Consultants, it was a pleasure meeting and working with you all.

Usually when working in a downtown I end up setting up my portable studio in the corner of a large boardroom. Unfortunately boardroom tables don't move leaving me and my subjects little room to maneuver. Working in this location was a very joy.

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