Saturday, March 30, 2019

Coffee with Derian Tuitt

Derian Tuitt spoke to our Rotary Club two months ago, born in Antigua he has an inspiring rags to riches story. I was very impressed and wanted to follow up. We had very similar philosophies on life and shared a similar sense of humour.

We met for coffee yesterday to catch up and share some business ideas, he gave me a copy of his book "Life Success Hacks" I of course asked him to sign it.

One of the many things we agreed on was that "networking" is done best face to face and that networking for the sake of networking is silly. Maybe the term should be changes to "Relationship Building".

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Your Business Cards are Always Available With These Apps.

I usually ask for a business card from clients and people I am interested in. Often I get a "Gee I don't have any business cards on me" response. Possibly they think, I'm not giving this idiot one of my business cards, but hopefully it's because they actually don't have any cards on them.

I'm rarely without business cards in my business card case. My wallet goes where I go and always has a half dozen extra cards in it as well.

But I have recently discovered two cool high tech apps for when I don't have any business cards on you.

Vistaprint offers a FREE App called MyCard downloadable from the usual places. It is simply an image of your business card (printed from your Vistaprint order) that you can Share (email, text, Messenger, Facebook etc.) with the click of a button. The person gets an actual image of your card (both sides) and the option to add you to their contacts.

So when someone asks for your business card and you don't have one you can say, Sure give me your email, smartphone number etc. and I will send it to you right now.

Plan B is BIZ-CARD : THE BUSINESS CARD APP, you download the FREE app, fill in your contact info and it produces a QR code. It saves the QR code to your smartphone. With the click on the App the QR code pops up on your screen and all someone needs to do is scan it on their smartphone and it instantly adds you and your contact info to their contacts.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

David Proulx Insurance Team Photo

David Proulx of David Proulx Insurance came to us a few years back and wanted a team photo that would allow an easy way to add new team members or remove them if they left the team.
After some thought we just used the layers function of Photoshop, we photograph people individually and drop people in or hide them as needed.

David is always on the cutting edge of new ideas.