Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Real Gold At The Professional Photographers of Canada Conference

At the Professional Photographers Conference in Montreal this past weekend. I go for one reason only, to hang out with Robert Provencher, (shown here) James Hodgins and Dan Morency. All at the peak of photographic excellence. I learn more from these three guys in a couple of hours than most photographers will learn in a lifetime. In fact James gave me aB2B marketing idea in the first 10 seconds of my arrival  that made the whole trip worthwhile. Dan said three words that helped me solve a marketing problem I have been struggling with for two years.

The secret techniques and ideas discussed are at such a high level you almost get dizzy, I love it. Thrilling like nothing else. Nothing is written down, it is all verbal. We speak in whispers and in code, like the Windtalkers but in 128-Bit encryption. Keeping these secrets from our competition allows us to remain full time working professionals in this crazy competitive industry. 

I hope whatever business you are in you have people like this to teach and inspire you.

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

My New Manfrotto Alu Air-Cushioned Compact Stand Quick Stack 3-Pack

I continue to look for ways to make my location photography simpler I saw another photographer using these Manfrotto Alu Air-Cushioned Compact Stand Quick Stack 3-Pack and I just had to buy them.

Three light stands made with a rectangle base instead of the roundish base. That means that in my light stand case they take up a lot less room.The three stands take up the same space as two of my old stands.
I always bring three stands with me, Main light, Fill light and Background light. These new stands fit in my new Photoflex Transpac Single Kit Case but barely. If they were 1/2" longer they wouldn't.

My old Manfrotto stand have been with me for almost forty years and still work fine, just heavier and bulkier than these new ones. Believe me they have paid for themselves at weddings, family portraits, commercial headshots and studio portraits.

But forget all that. These new stands attach together when folded. Yes really, so cool.
They have a tab on the bottom the clips into the one beside it. There doesn't seem to be any limit to how many you can stack. There is a safety lock so they don't come apart by accident.

Takes up a lot less room and are much lighter. Love it. I paid about US$200 for the set.
I'm a full time professional photographer not something I do on the side so when it comes to buying equipment I need to justify it. These will make my life easier and I don't need to hire an assistant to carry additional heavy equipment.

I do a lot of location headshots and this will make my life easier jumping in to an UBER and heading downtown Ottawa.

Hey I found a video from Manfrotto about these. Check it out https://youtu.be/Xut5txB5VoQ 

Older, wiser. Old dog new tricks.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Challenge To Photographers (Notre Dame Donation)

This morning I made a donation to the Notre Dame Restoration Fund. I just wanted to challenge other professional photographers to do the same.

Photographers,  I know we share a love of beautiful places. The city of Paris famous the world over for supporting the arts, our art.  Paris has given us so many iconic photographers like Louis Daguerre, Robert Doisneau, Jeanloup Sieff, Catherine Leroy, Brassaï, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Eugène Atget.

I encourage you to click the link below and make a donation to help recreate the beauty of Note Dame and support the city that has given us so many inspiring photographers.


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A LEGO Leica? Yup, Really

In the "Strange but True" category of photography is this. Leica probably the line of the world's most expensive cameras has teamed up with LEGO and has released a Lego Leica. Yes assembly required. With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up this might be perfect for the photographer who has everything. No this Lego Leica doesn't work and is sold as a novelty only. The price I am hearing is US$45. And in case my family reads this, No I don't want one.

Oddly the only screams from the photography community is "Where's the red dot?" All leicas come with the iconic red dot. Good new however some enterprising person has produced a red dot sticker you can buy on eBay to complete the look.

Once again I find myself sitting here, head down, questioning the priorities of our culture. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

My New Portable Studio Case

This Photoflex Transpac Single Kit Case just arrived here at our studio today and I hope it will make my location shoots a little easier... on my shoulders and back LOL.  Here's what's got me excited. 

First: it's about 8" shorter than my old case. My old case would barely fit in the back of my JEEP.  

Second: while it is a little heavier this one has wheels. Although with the weather lately maybe it should come with skis.

Third: look at it. The inside is red. Most pro camera cases/bags are black inside and all professional camera equipment, cameras, flashes, meters, radio slaves etc. are also black. Finding something black, in a black case in a dimly lit room is almost impossible. For years I have been bringing a small flashlight or just have to feel around until I found something that felt like a wide angle lens or whatever.

My old case (now for sale I guess) had one large compartment and two small pockets. This new case has a large pocket on the inside cover for my umbrellas. And a number of compartments. One long compartment for my light stands and I'm hoping to get a couple of camera bodies, a couple of lenses and a couple of flashes in the smaller compartments.

I am optimistic this case on wheels will replace both my camera bag and my light stand case that I have been carrying up till now.

Older, wiser. Old dog new tricks.

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