Monday, December 30, 2019

My Year End Bonus

This shiny new Nespresso Expert is my year end bonus for surpassing my sales goals for 2019. The CEO of Spencer Studio (me) and the VP of Employee Incentives (me) decided that the entire sales department (me) needed to be recognized for a job well done.

This new Nespresso Expert makes perfect Espresso, Lungo, Cafe Americano and Ristretto (a double strong espresso, same amount of espresso beans in half the amount of water) each at the push of a single button.

It also messages my smart phone when I am low on coffee pods, water tank is low or the basket of used pods is full.

I love working at Spencer Studio, the board of directors (me) is so generous. Not just to the sales department (me) but also the marketing department (me) and the maintenance department (me).... and we all need coffee....lots of coffee.

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