Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Life Happens


An unexpected ruptured appendix forced me to close the studio from November 8 to the November 14.

Thank you all for your wishes and prayers, I am finally home.

Turns out had I listened to my 92 year old mother and gone to the hospital right away this would have gone much easier. But I waited about 5 days after the initial pain in my side before going to the hospital.

To avoid major surgery the doctors were able to stop the infection and allow me to schedule an appendectomy as a simple day surgery in about six weeks.

I was able to contact all my clients from my hospital bed to reschedule my week of appointments.

Again thank you all for your thoughts and wishes, and my clients for their flexibility.

I am once again amazed at the professional and compassionate care our free healthcare system provides.

The big take away from all this: Always listen to your mother 😊

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