Monday, November 30, 2020

The obvious answer was “Chickens”

I’m happy to report that once again my clients have been generous with their appreciation and I was able to reach my yearly marketing goal of 400 Five Star Online Reviews. 
In previous years I have treated myself to a “year end bonus” for reaching my marketing goals. 2019 a new state of the art espresso machine and 2018 it was a Movado watch.

But this year when I thought of options for my “bonus” it occurred to me that having an espresso machine and a nice watch is all a man really needs.  I wanted to look elsewhere.

2020 being what it is and realizing I need nothing, my thoughts naturally turned to chickens. My bonus this year is a shopping spree on the World Vision gift catalog. Buying chickens, school supplies, seeds and farm tools for Africa’s most needy.  I feel so good about my choice that I have decided that this will be a new tradition for me.

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